Helping your business communicate effectively and efficiently with carefully chosen messaging, ensuring comprehension and engagement. 

Escarpment Communications is a freelance marketing and communications company within the Niagara Region. We develop innovative communication strategies to shape perspectives and create meaningful bonds between businesses and people. Offering a wide variety of services, we will be happy to work with you to ensure your needs are met.

Marketing & Communications Services

Red Leaves


Ensure your brand is recognized through consistent, impactful and planned communication strategies. 


Event Planning

Let us take care of the details so you can enjoy the celebration! 

Ensuring your brand is recognized for what you offer and how you want to be noticed. 


Content Management

Ensure comprehension and engagement with direct, creative and informative content on websites, social media, newsletters, and campaigns. 


Training Seminars

Learn the secrets of how to optimize your MailChimp and Social Media campaigns.


Social Media Management

Engage with your audience through captivating and creative SM campaigns. 

Personal Desk

Providing the right message in the right place for the perfect result.



Escarpment Communications is built on trust, creativity, and dedication to the craft. Gillian Mackey dedicates her career to ensuring your brand and communications strategies are memorable, comprehensive, and engaging. 


"Knowing the difference between what I was doing and what I am doing now to communicate with my customers is eye-opening. I now see, thanks to Escarpment Communications, how I can really connect to my clients through effective and proactive communication strategies."

Alicia Greenall, Owner, Grimsby Massage Therapy Clinic

"It was great working with Gillian to see the different areas where we could improve communications to our clients and ultimately open that dialog with our community."

Christopher Coady, Owner, Wellandport Market & Deli