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Driven revenue, shaped relationships and ensured sustainable growth through effective and creative communication strategies and management. 

What We Do For You

We do the details so you can do the business.


  • Review your company's current communication strategy's strengths and weaknesses, and provide opportunities to increase engagement, creativity, and organization.  

  • Consult with you on how you want to connect your ideas to your audience (marketing).

  • Coordinate strategies and execute plans to empower your employees and/or audiences with well organized, professional communication campaigns, while introducing renewed resources to improve their proficiencies and opportunities. 

  • Optimize SEO and Google Adwords in all we do.

  • Provide editing and copywriting services for every article we provide.

  • Plan and coordinate public, private or corporate events.

  • Provide grant, proposals, speech and corporate writing and planning services. 

  • Training seminars on the best practices and management of MailChimp and Social Media.

  • Providing freelance or permanent services. 

Communications Strategies

We provide well written, thoughtfully conceived and creatively presented strategies, plans and management services. When you are not sure how to say what you want to ensure comprehension and excitement in your clientele, contact us. We know how to grab attention and transmit information effectively.  

Communication strategizing includes working together to outline the different ways to connect you to your brand and audience through creative, savvy print, digital and visual communications. 



- Planning, Consultation

- Writing, Editing documents, websites, and more

- Material Creation: newsletters, invitations, pamphlets, and more

- Print and digital ad designs

- Goal orientated communication material (training manuals, presentations, product descriptions). 

Content Creation & Management

We deliver content to your target market in a style, tone, and comprehension that speaks to your audience directly. We ensure your voice is heard through the integration of SEO best practices to engage both searchers and search engines.


We tell your story to best engage your audience, and we do it with appropriate punctuation and grammar!


We provide editing services, content writing and valuable feedback and perspective on your existing content marketing.


We also translate complex (and boring) technical information into simple and comprehensible documents (reports, presentations, newsletters, etc.) to best suit your audience and ensure your key messages are easily understood, and enjoyable to read.

Marketing Strategies & Branding Solutions

Ideas Shaped by Imagination & Creativity 


We offer valuable marketing and branding solutions so your business captures interest and engages your audience.


Creating your brand, your key messages and how you want your audience to identify you and your services are huge decisions. Ensure you are noticed for your best work, your best ideas and your exceptional individuality. We are tenacious at researching the best ways to spread awareness of our brands to new audiences in effective and innovative ways. 


We offer solutions on how to best take advantage of SEO and Google Adwords, and most importantly, how to make your campaigns newsworthy and relevant in today's ever-changing marketing world. 


We would love to build your brand, tell your story, establish community relationships and help to create your success.


Event Planning

Let's have some fun and make your event a memorable experience everyone can enjoy. 

We take the stress and overwhelming to-do lists and make achievable action plans. Then, we simply execute our action plans, so you can relax and enjoy the anticipation of a great event with friends, family or corporate partners. 



Services Offered
* Planning: public or employee consultation, idea creation, predictive revenue planning, 

* Marketing: social, print, interpersonal, corporate

* Publicity: Paid ads on social channels, Google Ad management, press release, news broadcasting, corporate connections, 

* Sponsorship and Partnership Engagement

* Invite Creation and tracking

* Work with you to ensure we are confident, prepared, and engaged with the planning and execution process.

Social Media

It can be overwhelming to plan, design and prepare posts - especially when you are doing 1000 other tasks. We like to be creative and grab people's attention and we do so on social. We create fun, relatable, newsworthy posts, ads, and more. We know how to connect to your market, and we do so in a fresh new style. Experienced in all forms of social media creation and management, we love to make your audiences excited to love what you do. 


We take care of the details, the planning and the doing so you can get back to business.   



* Consultations 

* Management

* Ad Design 

* Content Creation

* Future Planning 


Training Seminars

If you simply need to know how to best optimize the tools you already have in front of you, such as MailChimp or Facebook and Instagram and want to know the secrets to engagement and higher ROI for purchased marketing on these platforms, contact us. 

Escarpment Communications offers personal and professional training seminars on best practices for online communication strategies using MailChimp and Social Media. Get to know these platforms and the logic behind their tools so you can maximize your campaign engagements. 


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